SC Eurasia


SC Eurasia is a team of professionals with more than 10 years experience who devote their time and effort to what they do best. We have experience, knowledge and passion for organizing successful international business events in the oil&gas industry.


We invite government authorities, leading professionals, and the most well-known academics to share their understanding of the constantly changing business environment. We aim to provide our audience with both fundamental knowledge and cutting-edge ideas that are useful in real life.


Our mission is to build a unique platform where the exchange of thoughts and ideas, networking and successful cooperation between the leading representatives of the oil & gas industry are easy.


We organize conferences and forums in the following sectors:


  >   Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
  >   Unconventional oil and gas
  >   LNG: production, markets, trading, shipping
  >   Oil & gas transportation
  >   Refining and petrochemicals
  >   Coal and coal chemistry
  >   Fuels